4-H advisors honored



Each year, the Fulton County 4-H Program recognizes the volunteer and advisors of the program for their contributions and years of service to 4-H. Special recognition is awarded for those individuals who exemplify the qualities and support of the program or have gone above and beyond.

The 2015 Friends of 4-H Award was given to:

Pam Kurfiss, an office associate for the Fulton County OSU Extension, and a nine-year 4-H member. She has devoted her 34-year career to the day-to-day tasks necessary to maintain and perpetuate the county’s 4-H program.

Jane Wyse, an office associate at OSU Extension for 26 years. She is supportive of her co-workers, ethical, self-motivated, and dedicated to the mission of 4-H.

Donnielle Herring, a former volunteer for the Pettisville Ever-Ready 4-H Club. She is also a community volunteer interested in promoting the beef industry through youth cattle production. She has led in planning, organizing, and conducting a beef “skillathon” for Junior Fair participants.

The 2015 Outstanding 4-H Alumni Award was given to:

Allyssa Bratton – She is an advisor of the Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow 4-H Club, and was a 10-year member of 4-H, six years with the Pike Kountry Kids and four years with the Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow 4-H Club. She has been a summer camp counselor, a member of the Fulton County Jr. Fair Board, and a 4-H Camp program volunteer for six years.

Wendell Short – He is a 4-H volunteer for the Pettisville Ever-Ready 4-H Club. He has assisted with fundraising for the goat and sheep barns at the Fulton County Fairgrounds, and has given many hours to goat pen assignments, back tag, and ear tattooing.

Advisors recognized for their years of service include: Five years – Lilly Armstrong, Kevin Bernheisel, Derek Bishop, B.J. Gombash, Betsy Gombash, Judy Harrison, Lizzie Hoge, Mollie Holdridge, Theresa Imre, Alicia Keller, Kathy Miller, Sherry Renner, and J.P. Simon; 10 years – Thomas Herr, Jr.; 15 years – Ray Jackson, Shelly Jackson, Garth Reckner; 20 years – Jackie Ballmer, Mark Ballmer, Linda Bollinger, Julie Creque, Kelli Keener, David Orndorff, Kim Reckner, Dennis Savage, Dawn Wilcoxon; 25 years – Steven Fenicle, Jack Lawrence, Roy Norman; 30 years – Theresa Buchhop; 31years – Cindy Harris, Terry Henricks; 32 years – Pam Henricks, Cecilia Nartker; 33 years – Herb Harris; 34 years – Polly Gombash; 39 years – Joyce Nofziger; 41 years – Paula Jean Savage; 42 years – Joe Miller; 44 years – Bonnie Cicora 49 years – Jim Savage.

4-H Honor Clubs include: 4-H Gainers and Leaders; Jenny Herr, Country Achievers; Kim Krieger, Fulton 4-H Connection; Pat Schroeder, Fulton Fantastics; Tabitha Bergstedt, Goats and “Udder” Things; Linda Bollinger, Hoppin’ n Trottin’; Kim Baker, Nifty 4-H’ers; Joan Rubel, Roamin Country Raisers, Etc.; Ann Kirkum and Shelly Morrin, Young Frontiers; Vickie Barber.

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