From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Flood waters covered some Swanton streets, Memorial Park, and the area around the Swanton football field, causing the postponement of the fireworks display.

25 Years Ago

• A fire destroyed a Swanton area home on County Road H that was the scene of a double homicide earlier in the year.

• Local dentist Jim Platek renovated a Main Street farmhouse built in 1834 into a dentist office.

50 Years Ago

• Officials of the Penn-Central railroad testified at a PUCO hearing that there was no need for a protective crossing at the Munson Road intersection.

• Vandals broke into Valleywood Golf Club, stealing change.
• Swanton TV offered a Zenith 14-inch portable color TV for sale for just $329.95.

75 Years Ago

• William Mossing and Michael Kowalysko of Swanton completed training at Submarine School in Connecticut.
• The Toledo Edison Co. offered tips on caring for an electric fan because “it is practically impossible to get a new one.”

90 Years Ago

• Pioneer O.L. Miller of York Township talked about the changes in Swanton since his first visit in 1866. He said at the time Centerville led Swanton and Memorial Park was a despised swamp.