From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Swanton School Board members said they would not ask voters to renew a recreation levy that generated nearly $60,000 per year.

• Construction of a new fire building at the Fulton County Fairgrounds to begin.

• Tim Zieroff resigned as Swanton boys basketball coach to focus on athletic director position.

25 Years Ago

• Phase II of home buyouts related to Burlington Air Express began with 49 more families slated for relocation.

• A junior varsity softball team was formed at Swanton High School with a varsity team planned for the next year.

50 Years Ago

• The Swanton Sterling store offered orange juice for 39 cents for a half gallon.

• General Motors “Previews of Progress” science show was at Swanton High School. It featured fuel cells and solar cells and a sequence the emphasized the importance of wearing seat belts when driving or riding in an automobile.

75 Years Ago

• A vote on centralizing Swancreek Township schools was planned. If the issue failed students from the township would be transferred to Swanton, Delta and Liberty Center schools.
• The Village of Swanton planned to wage war on stray dogs. A notice warned that dogs caught running loose in the village streets and alleys would be “disposed of according to the law.” Village ordinance provided that stray dogs would either be shot or turned over to the county dog catcher.
• Playing at the La France Theater in Swanton was “Johnny Doughboy,” starring Jane Withers.

90 Years Ago

• The eighth anniversary of a tornado that “damaged nearly house in town” was marked. It caused $500,000 in damage. It was said that Main Street looked like a “French-shelled village.”

No one was killed in Swanton but three people died in Rabb’s Corner.