From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Freebird Sports Lounge opened on Airport Highway.

25 Years Ago

• A double homicide was investigated west of Swanton.

• A group of Park Elementary School teachers, including Connie Anderson, Peggy Tober, Dee Meller, Rita Spadafore, Leslie Gorman and Linda Miller, implemented a school-wide recycling program.

• Swanton wrestling was sectional runners-up on the strength of two sectional champions, Jeremy Page and Shawn Baumbarger.

50 Years Ago

• A Zenith Decorator Compact color TV was advertised by Swanton TV for the low, low price of $369.95.

• Private Richard M. Vasko of Swanton was killed in action in Vietnam.

75 Years Ago

• Rationing of food begins. A point limit was set up and a there was a decree to that consumption of canned and processed foods must be cut more than 50 percent.
• Swanton Village Council voted to remain on Eastern War Time instead of changing to Eastern Standard Time, the official time for the state. It was done in order to stay on the same time as Toledo.
• Playing at the La France Theater in Swanton was “Yankee Doodle Dandy” starring James Cagney.

90 Years Ago

• Swanton boys basketball won its first Fulton County Championship.