From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• The Swanton and Fulton County Relay for Life events will merge.

25 Years Ago

• Patty Loveless performed at the Fulton County Fair.
50 Years Ago
• Dr. George Rupp to open dental office.
• Construction of a new bridge over Ai Creek on State Route 64 in Swanton is planned by the Ohio Department of Highways.
75 Years Ago

• Rollo Hill wins club championship at Valleywood Golf Club.

• The new athletic field at Swanton High School nearing completion.

• Playing at the LaFrance Theater in Swanton was “Submarine Patrol” with Richard Greene, Preston Foster and Nancy Kelly.

90 Years Ago

• Ordinance permitting spur line to Pilliod Lumber Company approved.

• Office of solicitor created in Swanton.

• Over 8,000 tickets have been sold for the Corn Festival.

• The Toledo Mud Hens of the American Association will play a morning game with the Swanton team during the Corn Festival.