From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Children at Park Elementary School donated school supplies to a Mississippi school damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

25 Years Ago

• The National Midwest Karate Grand Championships will be held at Swanton High School.
• Swanton Village Council is working out the details to bring curbside recycling to Swanton.
50 Years Ago
• The Village of Swanton may lose up to $7,000 of revenue due to a millage shortage.
• Swanton High School will host its first five school track meet with Anthony Wayne, Eastwood, Rossford, and Springfield.
75 Years Ago

• Swanton Commerce Club votes to raise $1,000 for the installation of athletic lighting equipment at the school athletic field.

• Playing at the LaFrance Theater in Swanton was “The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance” with Warren William and June Storey.

90 Years Ago

• At Zimmerman and Green, side pork was 24 cents per pound and boiling beef was 14 cents per pound.