From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Brett Kolb was appointed interim auditor and Paul MacDonald interim clerk of courts in Fulton County.

• Frank Onweller won the 100th game of his career as Swanton girls basketball coach.

25 Years Ago

• Swanton Schools expected a revenue loss after Toledo Express Airport and Swanton water treatment plant property were mistakenly included in the district’s valuation.

• Rick Hodges of Metamora was sworn into a second term in the Ohio House.

50 Years Ago

• Evergreen Local Schools Superintendent Leland Dorsey resigned.

• James Schmidt and Bruce Sharples were sworn into the Swanton Board of Education.

75 Years Ago

• More than 12 inches of snow covered the ground in Swanton.
• Playing at The New LaFrance in Swanton was “Kismet” starring Ronald Coleman and Marlene Dietrich.