From The Attic

10 Years Ago

• Adorn Grabarczyk took over as community outreach director for the Swanton Area Community Coalition.

• The month of January was snowy with 30.7 inches. At the time, it was the second snowiest month in recorded history at Toledo Express Airport.

25 Years Ago

• Suzanne’s Antiques opened at 90 Dodge St. in Swanton.

• Swanton boys basketball topped Evergreen 91-71 as Jeff Barker led the way with 26 points.

50 Years Ago

• Heather Sine of Swanton was in the All-Ohio band, playing the flute.

• V.L. Steyer resigned as Swanton Police Chief.

75 Years Ago

• Swanton was the first town in Fulton County to reach its quota in the war bond drive.
• Farmers were encouraged to grow sugar beets, one of the three most important war crops.
• Among the items on sale at Judson Food Market was four cans of condensed milk for 39 cents.
90 Years Ago
• Playing at the La France Theatre in Swanton was “Jazz Mad” starring Jean Herscholt.
• The Fulton Township Community Institute was to be held at the Ai high school. Every phase of farm and community life was to be discussed.